My name is Jalene Howard.  Those that I like call me Blaze, but you may call me what you desire.  I am an artist with a heart of a voyageur.  My unhinged soul is living life one spark after the other.  I like energy, barefeet outside, vintage, eyes, peppermint tea soaked cucumbers, dinosaurs, art, anything green, fashion, sex jokes, inked skin, chances, life.
I am venturing down life with one state of mind; an open one.  I wish this to be an outlet to post my life experiences.  If you happen to take a gander one day, I hope it isn’t a waste of your time.  I just need a sunny place for my blazed face to express.
Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time & that’s what I crave about it.
my hair and make-up today. 
Photo of me today.. 
bleached my own hair today.. purple tips tomorrow baby
Me during the last rave/music fesitval I went to. I was hippie flipping if you couldnt tell lol. Some of the craziest hours of my life<3
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